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Sound Absorbing Displays - An Innovative Use of FSorb

Sound Absorbing Displays - An Innovative Use of FSorb

From its inception, FSorb has been committed to the principle that innovation is the cornerstone of excellence. Our pioneering acoustic solutions are an industry gold standard, blazing new trails in acoustic design.

This important work has enabled us to partner with some of the world’s largest and most powerful enterprises, from Amazon to Google to Delta Airlines and beyond. FSorb products have also found their way into the public sector, serving a diverse array of clients, from the Seattle Public School District to the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

What all these highly successful collaborations have in common is the shared mission to unleash the power of innovation in order to create spaces that are safe, healthy, and functional. In this effort, we have partnered with clients across every industry. We have deployed advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated technologies. And we have taken these assets and applied them in creating optimal sound environments for schools, healthcare facilities, government spaces, and workplaces across the US and around the world.

FSorb’s reach by no means ends with major multinationals, like Microsoft and T-Mobile. Every day, we are forging new alliances with independent enterprises and startups who share our passion for innovation, for advancing our understanding of the science of sound, and for using this knowledge to support human health, happiness, and productivity.

FSorb and Vertical Ledge: Expanding Possibilities

Among our many successful partnerships with independent enterprises is Vertical Ledge, a standout innovator in the creation of eco-friendly merchandise display solutions. Vertical Ledge products are increasingly being found at trade shows, product fairs, conferences, and retail stores the world over. Offering both large-scale and tabletop merchandise display solutions, Vertical Ledge is committed to providing clients with an exceptional customer experience through the creation of innovative, customizable products that are at once eco-friendly and eminently functional.

In the vast array of custom-curated and bespoke merchandising solutions offered by this innovative enterprise, you will find a wide assortment of products made by integrating FSorb into the design as both an aesthetic and acoustic design solution.

These products aren’t just revolutionizing merchandising, they’re demonstrating the profound agility of acoustic design innovation. Vertical Ledge’s product lines illuminate the potential for FSorb’s acoustic solutions to optimize sound environments not only through more traditional means, such as through sound mitigation in ceilings and walls, but also through strategic acoustic design in furniture pieces.

As Vertical Ledge illustrates the capacity for sound-treated display booths to optimize the sound environment, new opportunities for improving a space’s soundscape emerge.

Where Sustainability Meets Performance

Perhaps nowhere is the affinity between Vertical Ledge and FSorb more evident than in the shared commitment to sustainability. FSorb’s guiding mission has always been to craft high-performing sound mitigation solutions that are gentle on the environment.

This, too, is the ethos that shapes Vertical Ledge’s corporate vision. From their shelving solutions to their large-scale merchandise displays, their products are made wholly from sustainable and recycled materials, making FSorb solutions a perfect fit for Vertical Ledge’s custom designs.

Importantly, the durability and longevity of FSorb’s materials are critical assets for the Vertical Ledge product lines. Merchandise displays, by their nature, must be able to withstand a significant amount of abuse. Solutions must be able to stand up to the inevitable wear and tear of repeated setup, tear-down, and transport, not to mention the unavoidable dents and dings that inattentive buyers and browsers inflict on displays.

FSorb’s sustainable solutions have always been engineered with longevity and performance in mind. After all, if a sustainable product must constantly be discarded and replaced because it was too fragile to withstand even ordinary use, then it’s not really sustainable at all.

But FSorb’s products have been created to hold up–and perform–for 50 years or more. This kind of reliability and durability translates into quality products and peace of mind for FSorb and Vertical Ledge’s satisfied clients.

Perfect Displays, Perfect Environments

As has been seen, Vertical Ledge’s mission is to provide functional and sustainable display solutions for trade shows, product fairs, conferences, and related events. And what that means is that the company is designing primarily for spaces that are likely to be crowded, chaotic, and noisy.

The implementation of FSorb acoustic solutions in Vertical Ledge’s innovative designs is, in many ways, a game-changer for commercial events such as these. Vertical Ledge has, in essence, added a critical new layer to the customer experience: the sound environment.

Advancements in sound design are increasingly supporting what humans have intuited for millennia–that our sound environment has a profound impact on our physical and mental health, as well as our cognitive functioning. There is mounting evidence, for example, that environmental noise doesn’t just put your long-term well-being at risk, but it can also have immediate deleterious effects, from spiking blood pressure and heart rate to disrupting breathing patterns and undermining your cognitive processing capacity.

And when you’re an entrepreneur or an inventor attempting to showcase your wares at a trade show, product launch, or other public events, the physiological stress response that environmental noise instigates can spell big problems for your business. Not only are customers and prospects less able to absorb information when under such physical duress, but they’re also less likely to linger–or to return. Building lasting and lucrative relationships with clients and prospects, of course, isn’t exactly feasible if the sound environment is undermining their ability to concentrate or their desire to stick around.

But Vertical Ledge is changing the event experience with merchandise displays that are at once attractive, functional, and optimal for the sound environment. Indeed, Vertical Ledge’s use of FSorb’s acoustic solutions in its merchandise displays may well constitute a revolution in the soundscape of the industry.

Consider, for example, Vertical Ledge’s spacious and elegant Etagere, which features FSorb acoustic panels that are beveled every 1-2 inches to make curved designs, allowing the FSorb panels to act as small doors that slide open and shutIn addition, FSorb panels are found on the back and sides of the display. The result is a highly functional and ultra-modern display case that also serves as an effective sound mitigation solution.

FSorb’s broad product catalog is designed to simultaneously absorb sound waves through the use of porous materials with curved, broken lines and planes. Vertical Ledge has triumphed in the integration of these products, and the acoustic design practices that drive them, throughout their product lines.

In addition to the Etagere with its use of FSorb’s sound-absorbing panels across every surface plane, Vertical Ledge designers have further increased the sound mitigation capacity of its products through acoustically-informed design strategies that are as utilitarian as they are stylish. This enables their clients to create a sort of soothing zone of quiet and calm around their merchandise, creating precisely the kind of sound environment that entrepreneurs want and need for their prospective clients and customers.

Customization and Customer Experience

Both Vertical Ledge and FSorb share a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and to innovation, but that’s not all they have in common. They also prioritize customizability in their vast and ever-evolving product lines. Vertical Ledge offers bespoke solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs and exacting specifications. Likewise, FSorb’s products are available in an enormous variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures to satisfy both aesthetic and functional considerations.

That provides virtually limitless potential for customer-driven innovation in the partnership between Vertical Ledge and FSorb. Whether for trade shows, conferences, or product fairs, or for display stands in environments where sound mitigation is even more critical, such as in schools, healthcare facilities, or corporate offices, the potential to provide both a healthy sound environment and pleasing visual environment is both important and exciting.

Reach out today if you would like to learn more about the exciting innovations, industry-leading products, and customized solutions to be found at FSorb.



At FSorb, we are motivated by improving human health and do so by creating eco-friendly acoustic products. Our mission is to help designers build beautiful spaces that reduce excess ambient noise while calming the human nervous system. With over 25 years in the acoustic business we stand behind FSorb as a durable, environmentally friendly, and low-cost product. If you want an acoustic solution that is safe to human health at an affordable price, then we are your resource.

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