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The Four Ways Sound Affects Us - A Ted Talk

At F-Sorb, we get excited about anything that has to do with sound and human potential.

For most people, sound is an inevitable part of day to day life. Throughout a normal day, a person may encounter a cacophony of traffic noises, songs on the radio that make us cry or laugh, peaceful sounds of nature, multiple conversations (those we take part in and those we overhear) and hundreds, even thousands of other types of sounds.

This short but powerful Ted Talk by Julian Treasure illuminates just how the range of sounds we are (almost constantly) exposed to impact us more than we may realize.

In just over 5 minutes, Julian shares a wealth of knowledge and real world examples of how different sounds impact our physical and psychological health, our productivity, and even the sales in retail environments. Most importantly, he leaves us with some valuable take-home tips to make sound work for us, instead of against us. Check it out here!



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